Meadow Mind, Inc.

Meadow Mind, Inc. provides custom computer programming and consulting services. We specialize in Common Lisp because of its extraordinary flexibility and power. Common Lisp is the focus of our expertise and sizeable code base, so we prefer it as the primary technology for programming tasks, but we are open to working with whatever tools may be required for a given project.

Although many programming problems are well-suited to standard software solutions, others require custom-built tools and a genuine problem-solving approach to design. Meadow Mind focuses on those problems which are not easily or obviously solved otherwise.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Conversely, when you have no hammer, nails may present insurmountable difficulties. Some business process and information problems are not obviously 'programming problems' but are, in fact, best solved through programmed systems.

If you have an interesting or difficult problem, we would be interested in designing a solution for you. Please consider contacting us to analyze your hard problems. Our favorite problems are those which seem too difficult or open-ended to address with obvious approaches. We cannot guarantee success in all cases, but if possible success is worth investigation, we are willing to investigate.


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